March 19, 2024

Registration & Breakfast
Opening Ceremonies

Welcome to our Conference! Grab some breakfast and visit with our Exhibitors as they display their innovative products and services. Find new energy-efficient products that meet your everyday building & renovating needs.

New Brunswick Construction Outlook, 2024-2028
BuildForce Canada will provide a construction outlook for New Brunswick. During this presentation, Bob Collins will provide an assessment of labour markets from 2024-2028. Come and learn what projects are scheduled for New Brunswick and how this will affect the New Brunswick labour market.
Presented by Bob Collins
Refreshment Break
Carbon Counting is Coming and so are Tiered Energy Codes
Andy Oding will showcase the tools and methodologies, developed by CanmetENERGY/NRCan, being used by high-performance home builders seeking to optimize the cost of meeting the new tiered energy code NBC 2020 9.36 and developing solutions for decarbonization goals through 2030 (operational and embodied carbon reduction). Attendees will gain insight into best practices, be given access to FREE available tools and support. Come discover how builders can lower construction costs while simultaneously lowering energy use and carbon emissions.
Presented by the Building Knowledge Team
New Small Crazy Smart HVAC Systems for Net Zero Ready Homes
Join Andy Oding and Troy Tilbury from Building Knowledge to discuss small duct design options, standard updates, product releases that make forced air systems easier to install, as well as intriguing research from IBACOS.
Presented by the Building Knowledge Team
The Future of Building Codes in New Brunswick
The landscape of Building Codes have never been changing faster than in recent years and it is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Join Building Code Administrator, Trevor Murray, for a look at the current Code environment and how it is going to evolve in the coming years, particularly in relation to increasingly demanding Energy Codes. This session is critical for those seeking to understand the impact that Code changes will have on the construction industry in New Brunswick in the future.
Presented by Trevor Murray
Refreshment Break
Air Barriers in Multi-Family Low Rise Housing: Are We Placing Air Barriers in the RIGHT Walls?
This session is a must-attend for builders, developers, building officials, manufactured homes, energy advisors and designers. Dive into the following air barrier discussions:
  • Up-to-date challenges and advances in compartmentalizing attached residential units
  • Defining the problem with suite-to-suite air leakage (sound and odour transmission)
  • What assemblies might provide solutions?
  • Research projects underway and future evolution of compartmentalization
Presented by the Building Knowledge Team

March 20, 2024

NB Power’s Hot Water Tanks And & Market Ready Products
Join Darren Lanteigne to take a look at NB Power’s variety of Market ready Products like:
  • SureConnect
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Water Heating
  • EV Charging
Join the discussion about their up-and-coming products like light top cameras, traffic sensors, and air quality monitoring and how they can better schedule water heater deliveries for multi-unit dwellings as well as replacements.
Presented by Darren Lanteigne
Refreshment Break
Top 5 Building Science & Energy Efficiency Priorities When Renovating Canadian Homes
Net Zero Ready Renovations are a hot topic these days. What are the critical building science principles every designer, renovator and contractor (HVAC and otherwise) must keep in mind? What are the 5 top opportunities to increase efficiency, lower carbon and make the home healthier and more durable?
Presented by the Building Knowledge Team
Ahead of Code: Changes to NB Power’s Efficiency Programs
1:15pm – 2:15pm
In an industry that is changing as fast as ours, it is to be expected that NB Power’s residential efficiency programs would be adapting to those changes. Come learn about NB Power’s revamped program for new construction; more flexibility, more money back, aligned to future code changes. Miles and Jeffrey will also walk you through the provincial program for retrofitting existing houses and touch on its federal counterpart.
Presented by Miles Goff & Jeffrey St.-Pierre
Refreshment Break
A Challenging Future – Electrification of Future Part 9 Residential New Homes
2:30pm – 4:00pm
As building codes swiftly progress to Net Zero ready-like construction, technologies such as air source heat pumps, air source hot water systems, all-electric vehicles, and renewable (PV) and battery storage systems will become intrinsic to residential homes and buildings. Developing future communities that manage electricity demand and peak use will be very challenging. Come learn more about electrification and how it will affect future construction.
Presented by the Building Knowledge Team