Introducing the Presenters

Darren Lanteigne
Acting Manager of Product Growth & Service
NB Power


Darren Lanteigne, Acting Manager of Product Growth & Service has been with NB Power for 23 years and has held positions in the Customer Interaction Center, Residential Energy Management, Commercial Energy Management as well as EMO Coordinator during storm management. In his current role, Darren is focused on building and strengthening relationships with customers and is passionate about adding value for them with existing and new products and services. 
Andy Oding
Vice President, Building Knowledge Canada

With an extensive background as a builder for 20+ years Andrew brings an insightful and real-life practicality to building science principles and their in-field applications. As a recognized building science trainer by the government of Canada-Office of Energy Efficiency, Building Science Specialist (University of Toronto), and HVAC designer and commissioner, Andrew is working closely with the development of new Building Codes, advanced building programs (i.e. ENERGY STAR®, Net Zero, LEED for HomesTM, etc.) across North America.

Bob Collins
Senior Economist
BuildForce Canada
Bob Collins is a senior economist with BuildForce Canada. Bob received his undergraduate degree from Memorial University (Newfoundland and Labrador) and a Masters in Economics from Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia). He has over 30 years of experience as a consultant and business economist with extensive experience in the construction industry, tracking construction investment and assessing labour market trends.
Jeffrey St-Pierre
Technical Energy Advisor
Énergie NB Power
Jeffrey St-Pierre is a Technical Energy Advisor with NB Power supporting the residential efficiency programs. Previously as an NRCan Registered Energy Advisor he has worked with hundreds of New Brunswickers in their homes, helping them lower their energy footprint and achieve financial savings. Jeffrey comes from a background in environmental sciences, but is also a Red-Sealed electrician. This diverse experience gives him keen insight as to how improving the built environment will protect our collective future.
Trevor Murray
Building Code Administrator
Government of New Brunswick
Trevor Murray is the Building Code Administrator for the Province of New Brunswick and a frequent speaker at conferences on the subject of building/energy codes and building regulations. With over 12 years as a municipal building official, he is able to connect with regulatory officials and contractors alike, building towards a common purpose of the construction industry for code complaint buildings.
Miles Goff
Technical Energy Advisor
Énergie NB Power
Miles Goff is a Technical Energy Advisor with NB Power, where he designs and supports residential programs that help New Brunswickers overcome the barriers to making their homes more energy-efficient. He is passionate about the environment and knows that houses and buildings can be a tool to fight climate change. Previously, Miles worked for the Gaia Project, where he brought ideas around energy and renewables into N.B. classrooms.
Troy Tilbury
Senior Project Manager
Building Knowledge
Troy is a highly experienced Registered Energy Advisor, architectural technologist and building science technician who has supported some of Canada’s largest home builders in developing sustainability programs and meeting new energy codes. Coming to us from Building Energy Inc., Troy joins Building Knowledge as Senior Project Manager, Greater Ottawa Area. After starting his career in design roles for building system manufacturers, Troy founded his own residential and commercial design and drafting firm. The company boasted a wide range of successful new construction and renovation projects and was well known for its capabilities in energy efficiency.