Master Builders Designation and Certification

Who are you hiring for your next home renovation or new home construction project?  Hire a Canadian Home Builders’ Association Member for your next project and have peace of mind knowing that you have a Professional Builder working for you.

The Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick also proudly introduces our MASTER BUILDERS’ DESIGNATION AND CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.  The MASTER BUILDER DESIGNATION is awarded to Builders and Renovators who meet the rigorous criteria for Designation and Certification as set by the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick – the voice of industry.

CHBA-NB MASTER BUILDERS provide 3rd party warranty on all of the homes they build, offer liability insurance coverage, adhere to occupational health and safety guidelines and comply with the rules set by Revenue Canada.  In addition to being Members of CHBA-NB, these members have also met the training requirements on topics such as the National Building Code, energy efficiency, building envelope construction & design, new home construction practices & techniques, renovation practices & techniques, professional building ethics & standards, heating & ventilation, business & financial management courses and must comply with a Code of Ethics.

Contact one of our Master Builders for your next residential construction project and have peace of mind knowing that your project is in the hands of a professional builder and renovator!



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