How do I become a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Builder?

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1 Membership:

Builders and renovators must be a member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

2 Training

Successfully complete the 3 day Net Zero Building Science Training.

3 Licenses

Become an EnerGuide (ERS) registered builder with Natural Resources Canada before starting the home. Contact a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Service Organization (SO) for more information.

4 Labels

Work with a Canadian Home Builders’ Association NB Qualified Net Zero Energy Advisor (EA) and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick to obtain ERS and Net Zero/Ready labels for the home

5 Registration

Once these requirements have been met (the first Net Zero/Ready Home must be labelled), the designation of CHBA Qualified Net Zero Builder/Renovator is earned and you can register. You will then be added to the www.NetZeroHome.com webpage as a Qualified Builder/Renovator.

Maintaining the Designation

To maintain this designation, participation in on-going CHBA Net Zero education is required, and at least one Net Zero or Net Zero Ready Home must be labelled every 3 years. All CHBA Qualified Net Zero Builders/Renovators must register with the CHBA annually.

If you are interested in building ( or having built) a Net Zero or Net Zero Ready Home, give us a call at the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick (CHBA-NB). The Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick is a Service Organization for the CHBA Net Zero Program, Natural Resources Canada Energy Efficiency Programs and NB Power New Home Incentive Program. We would be happy to assist you in the planning phase to ensure that you build to the Net Zero Standards.

For More information


Phone: 506-459-7219

Email: nbhome@nbnet.nb.ca