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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick (CHBA-NB).  We would like to invite your company to apply for membership with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick and enjoy the benefits of membership with our Association at all three levels – Provincially, Nationally and Locally. As a builder, you will also be interested in achieving your CHBA-NB MASTER BUILDERS’ Professional Designation offered exclusively by the CHBA News Brunswick. You have recently taken our 3-Day Building Science workshop and you have thereby already successfully completed one of the courses required for Certification. Congratulations.

The CHBA, at the Local, Provincial and National Levels all work to promote the professionalism of our members to consumers.  Our members are leaders in the residential construction industry and we work hard to ELEVATE our members as best in class and best in their field!  We do this through our websites, radio ads, awards programs, annual magazines, daily social media posts, and directories and through programs such as RenoMark ™ and of course, our CHBA-NB MASTER BUILDER ™ Designation Program™. Membership will ELEVATE your business to increase your client base as we provide consumers with a safe and trusted choice when they hire a builder or renovator for their next project. We also offer you a chance to save thousands of dollars through our Membership Advantages Program on items you frequently purchase.  Details are included in the Membership Application package.

Membership with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick entitles you to membership at the local, provincial and national levels.  We are the only Association in New Brunswick and Canada which represents the Residential Construction Industry with more than 9,000 members from coast to coast representing millions who work in our industry. CHBA is the Voice of the Residential Construction Industry.

At the Local level we hold monthly dinner meetings, annual networking events and home shows.  Provincially, there are golf tournaments like our annual Presidents’ Cup being held at the Algonquin Resort in July of 2020, leading edge workshops, training programs that lead to Certification like our Certified Aging in Place Specialist Certification, and an Annual Conference appropriately named – NB Residential Construction Forum (Res Con), which hosts speakers from around the Country speaking on issues of interest to our members held bi-annually in February.  Nationally there is an annual Conference like none other offered by any industry anywhere. We are very excited to announce that the National Conference will be in Saint John, NB in May of 2020.  We represent our members in more ways than hosting social events to bring all members together.  We represent our members at the three levels of government voicing concerns on their behalf – we are the voice of the Residential Construction Industry – Nationally, Provincially and Locally.  Who is your voice on issues that matter to you?

Members of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick follow the National Building Code as part of the CHBA Code of Conduct and builder members also follow other requirements relating to insurance, warranty, workers compensation, and being a registered business with the Government of New Brunswick.

As a member, you will be promoted within the membership through the website, directories and magazines, but it is also suggested that you attend your local and provincial events to get the face to face networking. You are the key spokesperson for your company and we will provide networking platforms at every opportunity and an opportunity for you to provide presentations about our company upon request.

If you wish to be a member of our league of professionals please complete our Application for Membership and forward it to my office.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you would like more information about our Association visit:  www.nbhomebuilders.ca or our National Office at www.chba.ca or call our office, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how our Association can ELEVATE your business.

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