Awards Applications

The CHBA NB Awards of Excellence

Each year the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick, offers its Members an opportunity to showcase their work through our Annual Awards of Excellence Competition.

Members submit applications for consideration which are judged by our panel of judges. The entries are presented and the award winners are chosen based on construction design, project management, innovation, energy efficiency, membership support and overall residential construction excellence.

Welcome to the 2022
Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick
Awards of Excellence Competition!
Each year we provide you with an opportunity to be chosen from among your peers as an Award of Excellence Winner!
Ask any previous finalist or winner and I assure you they will agree that this is an incredible marketing opportunity for our Award Winners and Finalists!
All applications will be completed and submitted ONLINE!
Application Deadline:
This year your entries must be received by our office no later than
February 13, 2023. .
Award Categories:
There are multiple Awards of Excellence Categories for which you are entitled to apply. Please make sure you read the Awards Guidelines found HERE prior to applying. The Homeowner Waiver Form found HERE needs to be printed and completed prior to your application (you will be asked to attach a copy to the application). Each of the categories below are links to the online application forms:
New Housing Awards
Renovation Awards
Additional Awards
Leadership Awards (Must Be Nominated by a Member For This Award)
Each of these categories requires different entrance criteria to be met. Please read the forms carefully to ensure that you meet the entrance criteria.
Application Fee:
The fee to enter the first application into the 2022 Awards of Excellence Competition is $175 + HST. Any subsequent entries in any category from the same company will be charged a reduced fee of $100 + HST per submission.
Awards Of Excellence Gala Banquet
Our Awards of Excellence Banquet planning is currently underway and we will be releasing the details in the coming weeks. It will be held in the last week of March 2023 in Fredericton. Stay tuned for more information.