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Our Annual Magazine continues to GROW! Not only will it be distributed throughout the Province as hard copy magazines, it will also be distributed province-wide as a paid sponsored publication on social media as well as our CHBA-NB website. Based on our previous Facebook advertising and website reach, we will expect to reach more than 330,000 New Brunswickers.
All paid advertisers will also receive a free ad on our website with a link back to your site. Why not make it even better? We will also post your ad on Facebook and tag you in the post!
This is all about you, OUR MEMBERS… so if you know anywhere else that you would like to see a copy of the publication, please reach out to Mallory so we can see what we can do to expand our reach!
This deadline is for space reservation purposes only.
Please direct your questions to Mallory at mallory.chbanb@gmail.com
Don't have an ad? Don't worry. When booking your ad choose "I need an ad" and someone will be in contact with you to provide a custom ad of any size you choose for a special CHBA price of only $50.
You will be provided a copy of your ad in PDF, JPG and EPS formats
that you can use for advertising as needed.

CHBA NB Participates in Day on the Hill

CHBA NB President Bruce Carhart, 1st Vice President Sherry Claybourn and CEO Claudia Simmonds were in Ottawa earlier this week for the annual “CHBA on the Hill”.  This event is coordinated by CHBA and is designed to bring our message directly to Members of Parliament and the Senate.  We were pleased to also collaborate with our colleague from the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association, Past President Andrew Holley, and together became Team Atlantic.


Download the PDF Version HERE

Unlocking The Door To Homeownership (PDF)




Did you know that the Residential Construction Sector is the 3rd largest industry in New Brunswick and a fundamental driver to the Province’s economy? Owning a new home, their dream home, is in the hearts and minds of every New Brunswick family. However, through relentless government taxation, this dream is getting further out of reach of the New Brunswick middle class and New Brunswick families. READ MORE....


CHBA-NB Wins NB Power 2018 Legacy Award!!

On May 23, 2018, Claudia Simmonds, our CEO accepted the NB Power Legacy Award. This award was bestowed upon the Association for it almost four decades of dedication to energy efficiency consultation, education and promotion.

Claudia in her speech to those present at the ceremony credited the R-2000 Builders who pioneered energy efficiency back in the early 80’s and credited the builders of CHBA New Brunswick who continue to build Energy Star, R-2000 and more recently Net Zero Homes. She told the audience that Energy Efficiency is a team project of builder, energy advisor, utility and of course the home owner.  Congratulations to our energy efficient builders and energy evaluators past and present.


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Left to right: Hector Doiron, Shawn Hartt, Denise Desjardin, Juanita Carhart, Bruce Carhart, Claudia Simmonds, Lauren Lipka

180523 202524

Left to right: Lauren Lipka, Juanita Carhart, Bruce Carhart, Claudia Simmonds, Hector Doiron, Joe Waugh