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CHBA-NB Wins NB Power 2018 Legacy Award!!

On May 23, 2018, Claudia Simmonds, our CEO accepted the NB Power Legacy Award. This award was bestowed upon the Association for it almost four decades of dedication to energy efficiency consultation, education and promotion.

Claudia in her speech to those present at the ceremony credited the R-2000 Builders who pioneered energy efficiency back in the early 80’s and credited the builders of CHBA New Brunswick who continue to build Energy Star, R-2000 and more recently Net Zero Homes. She told the audience that Energy Efficiency is a team project of builder, energy advisor, utility and of course the home owner.  Congratulations to our energy efficient builders and energy evaluators past and present.


180523 174822

Left to right: Hector Doiron, Shawn Hartt, Denise Desjardin, Juanita Carhart, Bruce Carhart, Claudia Simmonds, Lauren Lipka

180523 202524

Left to right: Lauren Lipka, Juanita Carhart, Bruce Carhart, Claudia Simmonds, Hector Doiron, Joe Waugh